3 Tips For Using Your Military Career To Get An Online Degree

22 June 2018
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When you're thinking about a career in the military, it's best to use it in a way that benefits you to the fullest. For signing on to serve the military, the government has a number of programs in place that will help you grow your income and make yourself a diverse individual and professional. With this in mind, getting a degree is one of the best rewards of a military career. Read More 

Tired Of Flying The Friendly Skies As A Flight Attendant? Career Options

6 June 2018
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The life of a flight attendant looks so glamorous. Fly everywhere. Visit dozens of cities nationwide or internationally. Get lots of perks, including standby tickets for flying anywhere in the "continental forty-eight" when you are not working. Yet, some flight attendants will tell you that the job is not all it is cracked up to be. If you happen to be a somewhat disgruntled flight attendant, maybe it is time to switch careers. Read More