Tired Of Flying The Friendly Skies As A Flight Attendant? Career Options

6 June 2018
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The life of a flight attendant looks so glamorous. Fly everywhere. Visit dozens of cities nationwide or internationally. Get lots of perks, including standby tickets for flying anywhere in the "continental forty-eight" when you are not working. Yet, some flight attendants will tell you that the job is not all it is cracked up to be. If you happen to be a somewhat disgruntled flight attendant, maybe it is time to switch careers.

Flying with the Military

The military is looking for people to train for air traffic command, as well as for flying air force planes or army helicopters. You have some limited experience from having to be in the cockpit with pilots from time to time. You also know a few things about how planes move and how to address emergencies in flight. The military fills in the rest with whatever flight career path you want to pursue, plus they pay you as you train.

Flight Training Schools

Many of the schools that train flight attendants also train pilots. Some of the training you received as a flight attendant can transfer into pilot school credit with certain airlines. Other airlines pay for you to attend flight school by reimbursing you for your courses once the courses are complete. Check with your Human Resources representative to see what opportunities are available to you through the airline that employs you.

Private Flight Training Schools

Sometimes experienced pilots offer flight training or they own and operate their own flight schools. Some advertise, some do not. Most of these pilots can train you to operate any two-engine plane, but only a handful of the private flight schools are able to train you to fly four-engine planes and jumbo jets. If you are definitely going for the pilot's license, choose the kinds of planes you expect to fly, whether it is commercial planes or private jetws. Then choose the schools that can teach you to fly those kinds of planes.

Stay Grounded

Of course, you can always opt to stay on the ground. Check-in attendants, ground crews, air traffic controllers, baggage handlers, etc., all get to travel too. Many of the same benefits afforded to you are given to them as well. If the idea of being responsible for thousands of lives each year flying planes is too much stress, you can train to be one of the ground crew.

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