Five Signs That An EMT Career Is Right For You

2 December 2015
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Does the idea of helping others and saving lives appeal to you? If so, a career as an emergency medical technician (EMT) could be the perfect choice. Before starting on the path, read through the following five points to see if you are a good candidate for this type of job.

#1: Do You Enjoy A Constantly Changing Work Environment?

As an EMT, you will likely be employed by a hospital, fire department, or private ambulatory service. While this may give you a point of contact, the real work takes place on the road. Each day or night you will be working with different patients in different settings. This can include private homes, inside businesses, in parks, or along the road. If you are the type of person that enjoys constant change and a job that is never the same twice, this could be the career for you.

#2: Are People Skills Your Forte?

You will be working with patients in varying conditions and with a large range of personalities. If you are a people person and skilled at setting others at ease, then you have the perfect people skills to be an EMT. Your patients and their families may be stressed, scared, or even angry. Your job is to react with reassurance and professionalism. Those that are a sharp and accurate judges of personalities, and can adjust to match the situation, can fare exceptionally well as an EMT.

#3: How Is Your Physical Condition?

Peak physical condition is a must for an EMT. You have to be able to pick up and carry patients or equipment that may weigh considerably more than yourself. Your health and physical condition must be of utmost importance. Do you eat well, exercise regularly, and get sufficient sleep? If you have trouble maintaining your own health you may find it difficult to maintain the necessary fitness level to keep up with this job.

#4: Is Dependability One Of Your Assets?

Other lives are literally depending upon you. An ability to work long hours without burning out and to work the shifts you are committed to is a must for any EMT. You must also have quick, yet good, judgment -- others will be depending on you to save their lives or get them safely to a hospital.

#5: Can You Get Through The Training?

EMT training requires a mixture of classroom and hands-on study. This training is offered through accredited schools that help you learn the necessary skills to gain your certification. You will need to commit to the hours and effort of study in order to pass your EMT exam. Are you ready to learn more? Click here how to become an EMT in Florida.